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Code exists to challenge, rethink and refine how business users select, procure and support their mobile and fixed line telecommunications services.

In recent years, sector consolidation has created a telecommunications market dominated by large providers offering generic and inflexible service. Technology and network speeds have advanced, but the agility and customer-focus of smaller providers has fallen away.

Code seeks to reimagine this status quo. We craft powerful, innovative, resilient solutions that leverage and unite the best products and services from the leading carriers, networks, and platforms underpinned by a customer service proposition unrivalled across the industry.

Complete independence gives us the freedom to advise without bias. We carefully consider each customer's individual challenges and requirements and recommend solutions built on our core values of honesty, transparency, and collaboration. And because agility and flexibility are key in a post-pandemic world, we aggressively challenge lengthy, inflexible agreements and erode contractual commitments down to the lowest possible marker.

Founded by Adam Toop (former founder and Chairman of Adam Phones Ltd), a respected telecommunications veteran of over three decades, Code’s DNA is rooted in unparalleled industry access, expertise, and a passion for supporting customers at every turn.

W h y C o d e W h y C o d e Why code

Discerning customers deserve more than generic, rigid, dispassionate products and service. Everything Code provides is tailored to the customer, fully flexible, and totally transparent. Our confidence in our ability to offer absolute value means we do not need to rely on lengthy agreements. Your success is our success.

This is Code. This is telecommunications reimagined.






P r o d u c t s & S o l u t i o n s P r o d u c t s & S o l u t i o n s Products & Solutions

Examples of some of the innovative solutions Code has introduced to the market are highlighted below. Contact our team to find out more
about our full suite of mobile and fixed line products and how they might help you think differently about your business telecommunications.

  • Code Liberty

    Long, binding mobile agreements strangle flexibility and freedom of choice. They benefit only the vendor. While broadly accepted as the norm by customers negotiating business grade tariffs and service level agreements, we maintain they have no place in today’s marketplace.

    Our Code Liberty mobile agreement offers the flexibility of terms as short as rolling 90-day, dramatically reducing financial commitments and contractual entanglement while upholding the highest levels of service.

    Code Liberty enables customers to flex the size of their wireless estates at will, without incurring penalties or fees. Code Liberty also gives us the freedom to proactively offer new tariffs as and when they become available, without having to wait until a formal contract renewal. Customers therefore enjoy unrestricted access to the most suitable tariffs, at all times.

    Finally, there is no better guarantee of satisfaction than a motivated vendor. We are fully confident that Code will delight rather than disappoint, however volunteering such short agreements represents a tangible commitment to service excellence, consciously weighting the balance of choice very much in favour of the customer.

  • Code Dual

    Organisations well versed in deploying resilient technology infrastructure rarely consider applying these proven practices to mobile devices.  Even their most important users, when travelling and therefore dependent on stable connectivity, typically rely upon just a single mobile network operator to remain connected.

    Business continuity plans and disaster risk reduction practices aim to make mobile networks as resilient as possible. However, loss of service can occur under all manner of circumstances: technical outages, gaps in coverage at specific locations; perhaps a critical capacity issue at a major event.

    Code Dual can be set up remotely and within minutes. Users are provided with a secondary line (and telephone number) on a different network to their primary number. Both numbers are active simultaneously. Devices are configured to continuously monitor the quality of data speed across both networks and automatically select the best to maintain data services.

    Code Dual can be applied to a device on an on-going basis, or for as little as 30 days under our unique Code Liberty airtime agreement.

  • Management Portal

    We achieve central supervision for mobile connections across the three leading UK networks and selected fixed line carriers through a single pane of glass. Our staff have access to everything in one place - a powerful tool and graphical user interface that provides all the controls, metrics and status information required to effectively manage mobile and selected fixed line connectivity. Information is brought together from multiple sources and displayed as a comprehensive overview. Feature sets are configurable by account.

    Customers of Code can enjoy near identical portal access privileges to those made available to our staff. By sharing the same data, reporting features and tools, the working relationship between the customer and vendor is transformed.

    Informed decision making is dramatically accelerated through the transparency afforded by such an approach. Customers also have access to an extended, configurable set of tools that include the ability to perform SIM swaps.

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